Alison (July 2021)

I booked a handful of lessons with John as I had learned to drive overseas and needed an instructor to 窶undo窶 some of my previous training and get me familiar with the nuances of driving in England. As an 窶和dult窶 driver, I had lots of questions along the way and John clearly explained how to handle tricky situations and the logic behind certain manoeuvres. My test was in Weston-Super- Mare so we were unable to practice driving there together. However, John sent me a few notes about tricky spots that I might come across during my test there. He had obviously taken the time to review some of the potential test routes there and make notes for me on his own time. I completed my practical test yesterday and am pleased to say that I passed, with no faults. During our sessions, I also discovered that John teaches teenagers and adults with learning disabilities how to drive. As the parent of a special needs child myself, it takes a patient, calm and intuitive person to be able to do this. When it comes time for my oldest teenager to learn to drive, I will entrust her training to John.

Alison (July 2021)

I booked John for lessons to prepare me for the UK driving test after coming to the UK with a foreign license.
As I had previous driving experience in other countries, John was of great help in identifying and correcting some of the problems I had with adapting to driving in the U.K.
John has a relaxed teaching style, aimed to make you feel at ease and to boost your confidence, whilst still keeping a keen eye out for finding ways for you to improve.
My test was booked in Yeovil and John did everything he could to prepare me for my test there, even though he did not have direct experience with the test-routes there.
John has a very helpful app on his iPad to show you different traffic situations in roundabouts for instance, and after every lesson told me what to prepare for or practice for the next lesson to get the most out of it.
It was a pleasure to work with him and would wholeheartedly recommend his services.
Passed the driving test in Yeovil without faults.

Marcel (June 2021)

I cannot recommend John Clift Driving School enough! From first meeting until passing my test today John has been a fantastic teacher who really helped with my confidence on the road. I never did a test when was younger and never had any interest in driving, and had always found cars and driving very intimidating. After a couple of lessons John had me at ease and after a couple more lessons I quickly looked forward to the next weeks lesson and wanted to be driving again, that is something I had never believed would happen. John found what worked for me when teaching me and that was really important. I dont think I could have passed my test without John and the confidence that I gained during our lessons. Thank you very much I really appreciate it.

Dean B (August 2019)

Beingツ a foreigner, who never drove on the left side of the road, I was extremely lucky to meet my instructor John Clift. I am 60 y.o. , driving abroad for many yearsツ and I would like to comment on my experience with my driving instructor John Clift . His ability to change my old driving habits was exceptional, his explanations were very clear and detailedツ , John made things very easy to understand .
I had severalツ lessons during 4 months andツ found John to be very patient and calming which helped me with my stress level.
I am hugely thankful to John for his brilliant natural teaching skills. Like a psychologist John boosted my confidence and independence, he gave me numerous good suggestions, which benefit me for my entire life ! Overall , John is a very good teacher.
I am extremely pleased to say that I passed my driving test in Brislington Test Centre with 0 faults ! I would recommend John as a first class instructor . Thank you very much indeed , John. I enjoy and love safe driving, and you taught me !

Svetlana L (September 2018)

I’ve struggled with driving for some time and had begun to despair of ever passing. Thanks to John’s patience and support I built up my skills and confidence. Now I’ve succeeded in passing my driving test.ツI would happily recommend John to anyone, like me, who needs an extra level of support in learning to drive.

Mark S (December 2018)

John was fantastic in that he enabled me to grow in confidence in my own time whilst always gently pushing me further to get the best result. He helped me learn through ways in which I could understand, always making it relevant and easy for me to connect to. He was flexible with my schedule as a mother and always made me feel comfortable and relaxed even though initially I was a very anxious driver. The way he allowed me to learn at my own rate was key to my general feeling of confidence on the road. He made me feel at ease and I always looked forward to our lessons! We reflected after each session which was a positive thing to do and really helped me move forward the following week. Learning to drive has been one of the best things I have done and John was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal. Always inviting me to try new things, without pressure -just building my confidence and believing that I could achieve a pass. His teaching style really suited my learning process and I am so grateful for all he taught me! Couldn窶冲 recommend him enough.

Ali M (March 2019)

Just passed my driving test thanks to John, he is brilliant. I thought I窶囘 never be able to drive – I spent years trying to learn, John is my 9th driving instructor and he’s the only one who explained driving so it makes sense. He’s an amazing teacher, so knowledgeable, endlessly patient and good humoured, he really helped me feel calm and made sure I understand properly and drive safely. I used to have panic attacks in driving lessons but I enjoyed my lessons with John and even looked forward to them as a break from the rest of the week! He’s been so lovely and taught me so thoroughly, I now feel confident about driving and actually enjoy it. Didn窶冲 imagine that could ever be possible!!

Beth C (April 2019)

I can’t recommend John enough, I’m a 21-year-old man who has Aspergers and severe anxiety which causes me to lackツ confidence, But after 18 months of learning with John my confidence has improved which has led to me passing both my theory and practical test, I can’t thank John enough for all that he has taught me and the patience that he has shown, if anyone was to ask me if I know of a driving instructor that they can go with I would 100% recommend John

Tom G (July 2019)

John is such an amazing driving instructor and I feel so lucky to have found him.
I窶冦 someone who had very little confidence in my driving abilities and I窶冦 also a very anxious worrier, however John always made me feel so relaxed as he窶冱 very calm and patient with a great sense of humour.
I never would have passed my test if it wasn窶冲 for John and I can窶冲 recommend him highly enough, if you窶决e nervous and not sure whether to start lessons or not, just do it you won窶冲 regret it and John is the best man for the job.

Michelle G (Aug 2019)

I can’t recommend John enough for helping me regain my confidence behind the wheel again, and finally helping me get to driving test ready where I passed! I have been driving on and off for 5 years in over 3 different countries, and as a result my confidence and driving ability was at an all time low- I was convinced I couldn’t do it. However after seeing the amount of recommendations, I gave it a try and by the first lesson I was already back on my feet and driving again! His engaging and supportive instruction not only provided me with the knowledge of becoming a competent driver, but above all else- a safe driver and I couldn’t be more thankful or recommend John highly enough.

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