Alison (July 2021)

I booked a handful of lessons with John as I had learned to drive overseas and needed an instructor to 窶undo窶 some of my previous training and get me familiar with the nuances of driving in England. As an 窶和dult窶 driver, I had lots of questions along the way and John clearly explained how to handle tricky situations and the logic behind certain manoeuvres. My test was in Weston-Super- Mare so we were unable to practice driving there together. However, John sent me a few notes about tricky spots that I might come across during my test there. He had obviously taken the time to review some of the potential test routes there and make notes for me on his own time. I completed my practical test yesterday and am pleased to say that I passed, with no faults. During our sessions, I also discovered that John teaches teenagers and adults with learning disabilities how to drive. As the parent of a special needs child myself, it takes a patient, calm and intuitive person to be able to do this. When it comes time for my oldest teenager to learn to drive, I will entrust her training to John.

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