Motorway Training

As a learner driver you were not allowed to drive on the motorway, but now you窶况e passed and now can you may be a little nervous because you don窶冲 have the experience or confidence to do so.

Motorway rules and etiquette are a little different from those you窶囘 have experienced as a learner driver. With our Motorway Familiarisation lessons(s) we will teach you to:

  • approach the motorway: observation, speed, indication and joining;
  • drive on the motorway: lane etiquette, observation, seeing and avoiding incidents, changing lanes, speed and indication;
  • leaving the motorway: preparation, observation, indication, signalling, speed and safety;
  • emergency safety: what to do and how to be safe in the event of a breakdown or accident.
Get the experience and confidence you need to drive on some of the nation窶冱 busiest roads.

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