Alison (July 2021)

I booked a handful of lessons with John as I had learned to drive overseas and needed an instructor to 窶undo窶 some of my previous training and get me familiar with the nuances of driving in England. As an 窶和dult窶 driver, I had lots of questions along the way and John clearly explained how to handle tricky situations and the logic behind certain manoeuvres. My test was in Weston-Super- Mare so we were unable to practice driving there together. However, John sent me a few notes about tricky spots that I might come across during my test there. He had obviously taken the time to review some of the potential test routes there and make notes for me on his own time. I completed my practical test yesterday and am pleased to say that I passed, with no faults. During our sessions, I also discovered that John teaches teenagers and adults with learning disabilities how to drive. As the parent of a special needs child myself, it takes a patient, calm and intuitive person to be able to do this. When it comes time for my oldest teenager to learn to drive, I will entrust her training to John.

Alison (July 2021)

I booked John for lessons to prepare me for the UK driving test after coming to the UK with a foreign license.
As I had previous driving experience in other countries, John was of great help in identifying and correcting some of the problems I had with adapting to driving in the U.K.
John has a relaxed teaching style, aimed to make you feel at ease and to boost your confidence, whilst still keeping a keen eye out for finding ways for you to improve.
My test was booked in Yeovil and John did everything he could to prepare me for my test there, even though he did not have direct experience with the test-routes there.
John has a very helpful app on his iPad to show you different traffic situations in roundabouts for instance, and after every lesson told me what to prepare for or practice for the next lesson to get the most out of it.
It was a pleasure to work with him and would wholeheartedly recommend his services.
Passed the driving test in Yeovil without faults.

Marcel (June 2021)

I would just like to say thank you so much it was a pleasure to learn with you and thank you for believing in me . I’m still totally shocked I passed first time but that’s all down to you I wish you all the best in the future X

Amelia (September 2016 )

A very good friend of mine recommended me John and from the first driving lesson with him I knew I couldn窶冲 ask for a better one. He is not only a great instructor/teacher but also a great company in the car and makes every lesson enjoyable and something to look forward to. I am grateful to him for passing my test today and I would recommend him to anyone who asks.

Tulay (April 2015)

I moved to the UK from Thailand about 4 years ago. My English is not too bad but not perfect and I was really nervous about learning to drive because of it. John was recommended to me by a Thai friend of mine who had had great success with him a few years ago. I am really glad I took her advice. John was very relaxed and patient with me and really good at explaining things to me when I was struggling to understand the language. I would happily recommend him to anyone I know.

Khwanchanok (March 2015)

John is an excellent instructor and I simply could not have chosen a better one. Learning to drive with dyspraxia posed several challenges along the way. However, John was extremely attentive, calm, patient and supportive and always looked for different methods of instructing when things were not sinking in as quickly as they should have. The iPad apps John used were particularly helpful as a visual aid. I felt very comfortable during my lessons, particularly during the early days when I was nervous. John fully prepared me for my test and I am pleased to say that I passed first time. He has a great personality and I will always recommend him to anybody learning to drive.

Lauren (2015)

I was recommended to john to develop the little driving experience I had at the time. The way his lessons are personalised to suit each individual driver is brilliant. He offers great flexibility to suit your day and plans. Very reasonable prices for the service you get. I will definitely recommend John to anyone who asks! I really wouldn’t have passed today if it wasn’t for him. Motorways next!

Jamie (2015)

John helped me to pass my test first time in a relatively ambitious time frame. He is not only a great instructor but is also fantastic company in the car, John manages to simplify and break down difficult manoeuvres into steps that really help in a test situation. He has made the whole process fun and enjoyable, Thank you!!

Will (2015)

I chose to learn driving through John because i know he has a fantastic pass rate. He taught my sister and a few of my friends and they had nothing but good things to say about him and as i have learned, they are all true! For first time driving it can be really stressful and nerve racking, but with John sat next to you, it was like a walk in the park! John managed to boost my confidence even on my first lesson and i was able to do a 15 minute drive independently home. Over the short time of learning with John I was able to pass first time and couldn’t have been more thankful to John for his work and sitting with me (however stressful it may have been!). Thanks John!

Harry (September 2014)

John has been a great driving instructor, who managed to get me through my driving test first time. John has really helped my confidence and taught me excellent driving skills and I appreciate all the advice he has given me; it’s been fun. Thanks very much John!

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