Debbie (April 2014)

What an adventure that was – from being a white-knuckled and rather reluctant novice driver to passing my test (albeit on the second attempt) with only one minor error, and all with John窶冱 help, guidance and most of all, immense patience! If there was anything that I couldn窶冲 figure out, John would explain it in a different way, or show me using very useful apps on the i-pad. It was a pleasure learning to drive with him – he was always very friendly and chatty, and has a fab sense of humour, and it was most excellent having hard rock/metal music playing on the radio to take my mind off the terror of being on the road!! (I am quite sure though, that he would change the station though if that wasn窶冲 your thing!) I would recommend John to anyone wishing to learn to drive.

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