A selection of feedback from some of our satisfied customers…

I would definitely recommend John Clift Automatic driving school for being your driving instructor. First of all he is very experienced and certainly knows what he is talking about. Most importantly he is overall just a nice guy very friendly and can also have a laugh which is good especially if you are a nervous driver. He also tries his hardest to fit you in even if he is busy. I used a different driving instructor before and failed my driving test with them I then changed to John and passed first time, arguably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Zach Mercer – Bath Rugby & England (September 2017)

I want to say a massive thank you to John for his patience, time and belief he dedicated to me. After having a real confidence blow when trying to learn how to drive previously, I cannot express the worry and doubt I felt sitting behind the wheel again. John helped me hugely with my confidence and really had the belief in my abilities, helping me progress and learn on a weekly basis. Learning how to drive is my biggest accomplishment yet, more so than earning a degree! Thanks to Johns accommodating nature and witty sense of humour he has taught me to be a safe driver, giving me so much more freedom!

Kate (August 2017)

What can I say about John, he is an all round lovely man as well as a fantastic driving instructor. I would not hesitate in recommending him.
Prior to meeting John I had worked my way through a number of instructors, some unprofessional, bad tempered. I felt as if I would never learn to drive, my confidence was at an all time low. From the outset John instilled confidence in me and helped me to break things down and not over complicate driving, thus lessening my anxiety.
Johns ability to be dynamic in his approach to teaching the mechanics of driving is extraordinary. He really identifies with any weak points the pupil may have and has a very empathic approach and works with not against you

Sarah (Aug 2017)

Thought never drive, passed first time . John helped me built up my confidence and
Learn driving skills, lessens were so enjoyable , nerves starts disappearing after few lessons with John , he is so professional, patient and reliable .
John you are amazing . Thank you very much

Ahlam (July 2017)

I cannot recommend John highly enough. Before I started lessons, I was absolutely terrified to learn to drive. John made the lessons fun, relaxed and engaging. He explained concepts in a way that made sense to me. From the first lesson, I felt relaxed and comfortable rather than tense and anxious. And now having passed my test a couple of weeks ago, I can honestly state that I actually quite like driving! – something I never thought I’d say! So if you’re looking for an automatic instructor, I would definitely recommend John.’

Ellen (July 2017)

In John you couldn’t find a better instructor, warm, friendly, kind and patient. From meeting him on my first lesson he put my mind at ease. I had been terrified of driving and had put it off for 20 years before I met him. John is calm and professional and always had faith in me; he gave me the the skills and the confidence to believe in myself behind the wheel. I couldn’t recommend him enough. I’m almost gutted I’ve passed as he’s great fun and very witty; I might even miss him!!!

Emily (March 2017)

John was a great teacher and helped me understand each manoeuvre. He gave me lots of valuable constructive feedback. I did a lot in each lesson which meant that I could practice in my own car after each lesson. I was so happy to pass my driving test and I could have not done it without John teaching.Thank you for helping me and supporting me with my driving.
He instilled positivity into our Daughters lessons and was able to help her gain the necessary road experience and driving knowledge to successfully pass her test.

Alice & Parents (Feb 2017)

Laid back nice n easy style of teaching, we got on very well and I passed first time. I would highly recommend and if you haven’t got on with other instructors look no further. Thank you John

Mike (Dec 2016)

After 25 years of failing to pass my test I was convinced I was congenitally unable to drive. Despite a great academic background and solid career I simply could not crack it. Mini roundabouts and junctions looked unbelievably complex and the whole business of driving just seemed to involve an impossible degree of multitasking. I got by in London for 20 years but when we moved to Bath a drivers licence became an essential. I failed my test again the first time around with another instructor and was getting desperate- I even tried hypnotherapy! Then I came across John Clift online and managed to get onto his roster (he has quite a waiting list!).
The experience of learning to drive with John is a world apart from anything else I have experienced in my driving career. The first lesson blew my mind- I had never before had to think so deeply about why I drive the way I do and about the consequences that. In my experience other ツdriving instructors tend teach parrot fashion and just try and walk you through the test- John’s objective is making you a safe and competent driver for life.
John Clift is a talented and high skilled teacher, in fact the only teacher I have only encountered during my many years with different instructors. His hard working analysis of my driving meant that the reason I wasn’t passing was no longer a mystery, I had the keys to unlock my success. This was incredibly empowering and led me to passing with confidence at the age of 42, to the great relief of my school age children!
To anyone who has struggled with their driving I would say- go to John. John is able to adapt his teaching style to suit the individual in a way which is truly rare and highly effective. Im certain John would be an outstanding teacher in any field, I was just lucky that he is currently teaching people to drive.

Rosie (October 2016)

I would just like to say thank you so much it was a pleasure to learn with you and thank you for believing in me . I’m still totally shocked I passed first time but that’s all down to you I wish you all the best in the future X

Amelia (September 2016 )

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